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Benzoin Siam Almonds - Pure Resins


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Benzoin Siam Almonds - Pure Resins

Harpiks: Benzion är huvudingrediens i många rökelseblandningar för sin mycket behagliga doft. Denna harts ger ifrån sig en mild vaniljlik doft som stannar länge i rummet. Doften ger en avslappnande, lugnande effekt och öppnar hjärtat och sinnet. Hartsen används ofta på kvällen.

  • During fumigation, this resin spreads a balmy, slightly resinous scent of vanilla
  • Its fragrance lasts very long in the room
  • Has a relaxing, calming and opening effect
  • Is ideal for pleasant incense in the evening
  • For incensing on a coal or a sieve

Benzoin Siam Almonds

Benzoin is the main ingredient of most incense sticks, incense powders, and incense candles due to its very pleasant smell. This resin creates a balmy, vanilla-like fragrance while burning which lingers in the room for a long time. It induces a relaxing, calming effect, and opens the heart and mind. It is commonly used in the evening.

The resins are packed in sealed 50 ml jars for better preservation and appearance. Most of the resins have a higher specific weight than water and therefore the weight in the jars varies. The variation ranges between 30 and 60 g.

The burning of herbs and resins in different ways belongs to many old traditions in our world. Here, fire has a transforming and conveying effect. While burning, heavy material is transformed into smoke, which carries the essence to a finer level. This way, a connection with higher and finer levels is made. 
The sense of burning incense was and is to connect our earthly mind with the perception of less denser, invisible spheres.

 WARNING - This product has german lables only.


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