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Buddha 10cm Wealth Laughing Buddha


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Buddha 10cm Wealth Laughing Buddha

Overflods Buddha

This 10cm laughing Buddha is part of our Feng Shui collection and is associated with bringing positive energy to the household it is placed within. Placing a laughing Buddha like this one in the entrance of a home is said to introduce a happy energy. This ornament also depicts a money frog which is said to bring wealth in abundance and the bowl the Buddha is holding is for carrying away troubles. A Buddha statue or image in the home lends calming yin energy to balance the active yang energy of your lifestyle. Items like this ornament are used with Feng Shui bagua which when translated from Chinese means '8 areas'. The 8 areas correspond to important areas of one's life including happiness and health. The areas will move each Chinese New Year which means ornaments should be moved to correspond to optimise the benefits they bring.


  • Material Resin
  • Dimensions H10cm X W7.5cm X D7cm


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