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Dolphin Dreams - Jonathan Goldman

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Dolphin Dreams - Jonathan Goldman



Editorial Reviews

"Reduce stress without Valium!" -- Vogue

"With ocean, heart beats, choral voices, and dolphins, this is what nurturing would sound like if it could be recorded." -- Body, Mind, Spirit

"Combines haunting music, a soft choir, and a human heartbeat with the sound of rolling waves and dolphins." -- CD Review

"A sonic environment created for the birthing experience, Dolphin Dreams features the sounds of ocean, human heartbeat, choral voices, and dolphins. Both children and their parents love the soothing and nurturing music on this recording. Many of the sonics were specifically designed to induce deep relaxation and open new listeners up to higher aspects of consciousness." -- All Music Guide

"One of the Top 5 most popular new age musicians of all time." -- New Age Retailer

With sounds of ocean, dolphins, heart beat, choral voice, and more! Named Best Special Production of the Year by WholeLife Times. Great for birthing mothers and children--a sonic environment to assist birthing mothers, neonatal infants, and young children. Combines sounds of the ocean with heartbeats, choral voices, and dolphin sounds. Used in homes, hospitals, and birthing centers throughout the world. Also excellent for relaxation, stress reduction, sleep enhancement, and meditation by people of all ages. Created by Jonathan Goldman, a world-renowned pioneer and authority in the field of sound healing who presents lectures, workshops, and training sessions on the power of sound around the world.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Dolpin Dreams - Jonathan Goldman


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