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Dolphin Dreams - Solitudes

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With DOLPHIN DREAMS, Solitudes has created another masterful mix of serene music and natural ambience; in this case, one that thrusts you deep into an azure aquatic paradise. The album begins with the timeless sound of the surf, rolling onto a secluded shore. Before long, gentle piano melodies enters the picture, maintaining a slow, spacious atmosphere. As the album progresses, your point of view drops beneath the waves where you meet with the "angels of the sea" themselves - the dolphins (Atlantic Spotted Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin), gliding through the vast blue. The music of DOLPHIN DREAMS was composed by Roger St. Denis, who also provides piano/keyboard melodies alongside the added keyboards of Steve Wingfield, the guitar of Rob Piltch and the flute of Ernie Toller. The music is soft and introspective, always keeping an ambiance of peace and natural beauty.


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