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Jaya! - Shantala

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Anyone who has ever attended one of Benjy and Heather Wertheimer's live performances or workshops can attest to the fact that this pair creates some truly illuminating music. Seeped in spiritual purity and bona fide passion, they know how to whip up the crowd into a maelstrom of ecstatic chanting and percussive power. With JAYA! The Wertheimers' ensemble Shantala delivers divine love wrapped in seven kirtan confections that showcase the band's gregarious approach to chant. One clear highlight is the title track, which propels the listener through twelve minutes of building chant and whirling instrumentation… it's impossible not to feel the love here. The bubbling kalimba that provides the backbone for "Praise," another highlight, gives the song an appealing earthiness, which is strengthened when the call-and-response portion of the singing kicks into gear. A must hear album for fans of quality kirtan music!

 1. Praise 
 2. Chamatkari 
 3. Govinda 
 4. Jaya! 
 5. Om Namah Shivaya 
 6. Alleluia 
 7. Hanuman Chalisa 


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