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Mantras to start the day - Kendar Pandit

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This set of "mantras to greet
the newborn sun and embrace the day," as described on the back cover, offers a
means to start the day welcoming love and prosperity into your life. The album
focuses heavily on the chanting of Sadhana Sargam and Ravindra Sathe, whose
melodic, Indian-accented voices are very smooth and easy on the ears. Backing
instrumentation is mainly rhythmic, consisting of percussion and tabla drumming,
with some mystical keyboards, vibraphone and twirls of bansuri flute fluttering
in the backdrop. In terms of mantras, the album covers the traditional mantras
sung by Hindus during the early morning hours to gain daily blessings, including
the "Vividh Dev Pratah-Smaranam" set. Sublime and spiritually
Item Details
A compilation of prayers to purify your
mornings and bless you with contentment throughout the day. Comes with an
extensive translation and booklet. The latest in Oreade’s best
selling authentic mantra series licensed from Times Music
, this recording encompasses the entire range of traditional
mantras and shlokas that are recited at the beginning of the day in order to
create prosperity and harmony in our lives. As a prolifi c music
director, Kedar Pandit has carved out his own niche in the
spiritual genre and produced more than 150 albums for companies like
Times Music, Sony Music, Music Today, Wings Music, Tips Music,
, and Universal Music. He has also lent his baton
to several Marathi fi lms and television serials. Service to top NAR, college,
satellite/cable, in-fl ight, and internet radio. Press service to national
publications. Ads with New Age Retailer, Healing Arts Guide, Light of
, Inspired Retailer, and Massage.


Kendar Pandit: music director, tabla,
Sadhana Sargam, Ravindra Sathe:
Deepak Borkar: side rhythm
: keyboards
Rajesh Deo:
Ashwin Shrinivasan: fl ute

Track Listing: Kar Darshanam • Bhoomi Prarthana • Pratah Smaranam • Snaan
Mantra • Tilak Mantra • Pranayaam Mantra • Surya Namaskar • Suryaghya
Mantra,Surya Prathana • Guru Smaranam • Gayatri Mantra • Karysiddhi Hetu
Prathana • Parabrahmanah Smaranam • Ganeshasya Smaranam • Chandi Smaranam •
Vishnoh Smaranam • Ramasya Smaranam • Shivasya Smaranam • Navagraha Smaranam •
Prakriti Smaranam • Mangal Kaamnaa • Hari Om



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