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Krystall chip kjede Chakra 40-46 cm


Krystall chip kjede Chakra 40-46 cm

Necklace length: About 16-18 inches (40-46cms)
Information: Larger crystal chip crystals interlaced with black plastic beads and a black bead "string"

For this necklace a different crystal is used to represent each of the chakras. Each is chosen because of their colour and also by the qualities that the crystal possesses. The crystals chosen are: 

Quartz crystal - Overall balance of the chakra system.
Amethyst - It is concerned with understanding knowledge, and mental organizing.
Sodalite - Communication, personal expression and the flow of information.
Green aventurine - Deals with relationships and personal development. 
Yellow aventurine - Helps give self confidence and personal power.
Carneol - It gives stability energy distribution and physical survival.
Agate - Its functions are creativity feelings and sexual drive. 

We say: The chunky chakra necklace is much more robust than the lacy chakra necklace we sell. This one has much more weight to it because of the heavier chips and also the beads give it good strength too.


NB! Bilde er eksempel, krystallene vil variere i størrelse og farger


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