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Krystallpose foret sort 9x9cm


Krystallpose foret sort 9x9cm

Black Velvet Bag with Satin Lining

We say: Both the small and the medium sized bags are very well made.The velvet is soft and luxurious and internally the satin is matched very well. 

The smaller bag is ideal for pendulums, or for keeping a special crystal safe or for anything else you need to keep special and protected. Whilst the medium is ideal for use with the original Angel Cards, Angel Power cards and Angel Meditation cards. It is too small however for the Healing with the Angels and Messages from your Angels cards and Power of the Runes cards. For those you will need to look at the Tarot bags. Also the right size for keeping runes, crystals or anything else you'd like to keep safe.

Small Bag Size: 9cms x 9 cms (3.5 inches x 3.5 inches)
Medium Bag Size: 12 cms wide x 15 cms high

Bag characteristics: Made from black velvet with black satin lining and black drawstrings.

Dictionary Terms Explained

Black - Protection, mystery, transformation 
As a colour, black reflects no light in the visible spectrum, which is why it’s often had a strong association with the unknown, with magic and mystery. 

Although black can be viewed as a dark, negative and forbidding colour, it also has very positive meanings too. Due to its deep, black and empty look, black can be viewed as restful and something which can transform ideas or possibilities. For example, used in meditations, you can drift into the black emptiness and emerge once more full of hope and possibility. 

If you enjoy working with gemstones and crystals, then the black stones, such as jet, onyx, obsidian and black tourmaline, are excellent as grounding stones. They also have protective energies and can be used to help clear negativity and bad energy. 

In the Western world, black is the colour of funerals, as people wear black and use black hearses to transport coffins. The commonly associated garb of witches is a black cloak, accompanied by a black cauldron, out of which they conjured up magic and mystery. For Native Americans, black was viewed in favourable terms, as it was the colour of the earth, out of which life and crops grow. 

When worn as a colour, black can generate a protective feel, helping you blend into the crowd, yet when coupled with white for formal attire, it can also help create an air of elegance and sophistication.


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