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Meditasjonspute - Meditation cushion chakra 7 Sahasrara embroide

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Meditasjonspute - Meditation cushion chakra 7 Sahasrara embroidered

Material outer cushion: cotton with embroidery
Material inside cushion: cotton, refillable
Filling: buckwheat hulls

Product information
Yogi & Yogini cushions are filled with the finest quality of buckwheat hulls. They are sieved so no irregularities occur. 

NB! Fargen kan variere fra bildet pga lys, skygge osv ved fotograferingen /* With each new order there can be a slight difference in colour due to different dye baths. 

The buckwheat hulls in the meditation cushion will settle after a while, so for maintaining best sitting comfort, it needs to be refilled once in a while. You will please your clients by always keeping stock of some of these bags for refill. The height of the meditation cushion may be adapted by removing some of the filling. Product # W9846/2 - Refill 0,75 kilo of buckwheat hulls in bleached cotton bag. 

Properties Product 

  • Dimensions 33x17 cm

Categories Product 

  • Meditation
        > Meditation cushions round
  • Meditation
        > Meditation cushions and mats Chakras
  • Spirituality
        > Chakra products

The meditation cushions are handmade by Tibetans and Nepalese craftsmen, for honest pricing. The meditation cushions have inner cushions, filled with buckwheat chaff. A meditation cushion filled with chaff provides a good support and will shape after the body. After a while, a meditation cushion needs to be added with chaff; extra chaff can be ordered separately.



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