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Nirvana Cafe - Karunesh


Nirvana Cafe - Karunesh

Looking for a place to chill out? How about the NIRVANA CAFÉ? Karunesh's sonic hot spot has the perfect ambiance for kicking back - moody piano/keyboard melodies, warm guitar rhythms (courtesy of guest artist Govi), light percussion and soothing synthesized atmosphere. The effect is slightly otherworldly, a tad spiritual and very easy on the ears. Each of the Govi-assisted tracks (especially "The Conversation" and "Follow Your Heart") stand out as highlights; his guitar sounds great when paired with Karunesh's moody backdrops. The Asian themed "Chuang Tzu's Dream" also adds a certain flair with its beautiful flute melodies that flutter throughout, and "Stargazing" brings the album's jazz undertones to the forefront.

 1. Dazzled by the Light 
 2. Chuang Tzu's Dream 
 3. Blessings Rain 
 4. Sapphire 
 5. The Conversation 
 6. Revelry 
 7. Follow Your Heart 
 8. Stargazing 
 9. Keeper of Mystery 
 10. The Peace Within 


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