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Nøkkelring - Aventuring Grønn - Teardrop Keyring - Green Aventur


Nøkkelring - Aventuring Grønn - Teardrop Keyring - Green Aventurine

These Green Aventurine keyrings are made from a polished crystal in a teardrop shape, well made and smooth to the touch. A lovely addition to a set of keys, particularly if you would like keep the properties and benefits of a crystal near to you wherever you go. They have a solid weight to them, and each is unique in shape and colour.

Green Aventurine can vary between a light to dark green colour; this will be unique to each keyring but the quality is always constant. As you can see from the pictures above, these keyrings range from a lighter green, to a darker moss colour; some may also contain other small flecks of colour such as dots of black or yellow. If you have any particular request for the shade of green you would like, please leave us a note in your extra instructions at the checkout and we'll do our best to pick one for you. 

Size of Green Aventurine Keyring: Approximately 3 - 3.5 cm (1.3 - 1.5") a the longest point of the crystal, roughly 2.3 cm (0.8") in width at the widest point.

More About Green Aventurine
Aventurine energy feels uncomplicated and fresh and can be useful for washing the aura at times of mental or emotional stress, when we need a stone to hold in our hand whilst connecting with a clearer path.  Aventurine is good to have around when making decisions as it reminds us to connect to the heart and the idea that it does not matter which road we take because it will always be the right one. It is a good companion for the pioneering spirit, someone who is pushing themselves to places they have never been before. A good all round healing stone.

NB! Bildet viser et utvalg, farger og mønstre kan variere.  




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