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Kull til røkelse - Box of 100 Charcoal Discs


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Kull til røkelse - Box of 100 Charcoal Discs

Box of 100 charcoal discs commonly used for burning resins, powdered herbal blends and loose incense. The disc should be placed in a fireproof bowl before lighting (our mini cast iron cauldrons are ideal for this), let the charcoal disc heat up - much like as you would with a BBQ, before sprinkling incense, resin or fragranced powder over it.

Packaged in rolls of ten discs.

  • Dimensions H4cm x W12cm x D4cm
  • BoxSizeH7.5cm x W17.5cm x D13cm


Incense and Dhoops can be burned on charcoal. The easiest way of use is by choosing the quick igniting charcoal. It is simple to use, because they - once lit - self-ignite. But even here we should be sure that the coal gets enough air during the ignition.


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