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Kull til røkelse - Charcoal Tablets Ø 4 cm


Kull til røkelse - Charcoal Tablets Ø 4 cm

1 roll a. 10 tablets, with self-igniting properties.

  • Quick igniter
  • Once lit - the coal ignites by itself
  • Ideal for burning resins and herbs


NB prisen gjelder 1 rull med 10 tabletter, ikke hele esken. Men bestiller man 9 stk ruller, får man en hel eske, dvs 10 ruller for prisen av 9 ruller.



Incense and Dhoops can be burned on charcoal. The easiest way of use is by choosing the quick igniting charcoal. It is simple to use, because they - once lit - self-ignite. But even here we should be sure that the coal gets enough air during the ignition.


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